City of Homerville
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Water & Sewer Department

Erwin Morris, Jr.
Water/Sewer Supervisor

Sign-Up for New Service
  • Deposit - $100.00 (cash, check, or money order) due at the time of sign-up - refundable at the closing of your final bill.
  • State issued picture ID is required.
  • Current 911 address (EZ 911 - 1-800-656-6025)
  • Owner's First & Last Name
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number
  • Valid Phone Number
  • Employer Information

  • Transfer Fee - $10.00 due at time of transfer - nonrefundable
  • Current 911 address

Deposits and transfers cannot be added to your bill and are due at the time of request.

Utility Billing Schedule

Utility Bills are mailed out the 15th of every month and are due the following 10th. Penalties are assessed on the 11th of every month.

A copy of the rate structure is listed for your convenience. Garbage is $13.35 per cart per month.
Methods of Payments
In person at City Hall located at 20 South College Street Suite A
  • Mail payments to City of Homerville P.O. Box 535 Homerville, GA 31634
  • Utilize our drop box located in front of City Hall facing South College Street.
  • Auto Debit - participation in this program will allow your bill to be automatically drafted from your bank account each month on the 10th of each month. Please fill out the ACH form and attach a voided check or deposit slip and turn in to at City Hall.
  • Online Payment -
Past Due Accounts, Disconnects, and/or Loss of Service

Customers who do not pay their utility bills on time are notified on their utility bills that they have a balance forward and if it is not paid by the disconnect date it will result in their service being terminated. The notice will be on the utility bill along with the date of disconnect. If an account is disconnected, the entire balance plus a $25.00 fee has to be paid BEFORE service will be reconnected. Contact City Hall if you have any questions about the disconnect schedule and/or the disconnect list.
Unusually High Utility Bills

Any customer receiving unusually high bills for service should immediately check for plumbing problems, such as broken pipes, leaking commodes, and other causes of high usage. If a problem is not readily apparent, the customer may call City Hall at (912) 487-2375 ext. 221 or ext. 222 to have a work order created and the issue will be looked into.

Plumbing Emergencies

Persons with plumbing emergencies such as broken pipes on private property or within the building causing flooding or damage to the property may request help from the City to stop the water at the water meter. The customer may call the Water/Sewer Department at (912) 487-2859 during office hours or 911 after hours.
For tips on maintaining healthy lawns and gardens while using less water, and many creative ideas about conserving water in Georgia, go to Conserve Water Georgia.